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Do YOUR research – seperate fact from fiction

NationalReportFacebookPolice650The FDTF is being designed to detect, monitor and arrest any persons whom buy and sell narcotics while using the social networking site.

       Facebook’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg has, of course, weighed in upon this issue.

THIS post struck chords of “deja-vu” and a quick google search revealed….

harmful-do your research-cannabis-corner-with-speakinwind-woman
There is never a shortage of hoaxes on the Internet to ruffle the feathers of the average citizen and driving those already on the verge of a paranoid freak-out straight down the rabbit hole. This was the case last week with the advent of a story from the phony news source The National Report, which revealed the formation of the Facebook Drug Task Force, a group assembled to monitor the messages of Facebook users in an attempt to crackdown on those using the social network to buy and sell narcotics. …. Facebook Drug Task Force Is a Hoax
The Internet is a complex and dynamic landscape full of all sorts of information. Unfortunately, some of it isn’t that great. It can be difficult to distinguish between good and bad sources of information, but learning to look for some signs and guideposts of bad information can make your search less complicated. According to WikiHOW that offers some advice…
  1. Use “common” sense. This will allow you to filter information that is incorrect from the correct.
  2. Cross-check. Reading from more one source allows for correcting mistakes, errors, and malicious intent.
  3. Go to the source. Using a real library, real people, and your legs can be steps in gathering information that is free from errors.
  4. Take a look at the pictures. If you are searching a online animal site, look at the pictures. You should see pictures that look real. There shouldn’t be anything that looks fake or anything that seems fake.
  5. Look over at the policies. Every website must have policies, rules, and promises for there site. Read them very carefully. There could be tricks people add.

The University of Edinburg published a great article for students on August 4, 2015 titled HOW TO EVALUATE WEBSITE CONTENT

AND BY FAR This is the best video/talk on the subject!

How to seperate Fact and Fiction online – TEDtalks

Cannabis Corner on FacebookOn that note my friends….

Get Healthy, Be Strong, Stay happy!

This article was written by Speaking Wind Woman, host of Gypsy Wind Productions who believes education is empowerment –



check out her website and YouTube video series!!! © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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